Sailing from Sandy Hook to Cape May

As we indicated on Facebook, we successfully made it from Sandy Hook to Cape May. Nearly as importantly, we never saw any of the food that Margaret ate again during the trip. However, the voyage was not without incident.

Thursday morning we woke up around 8am, getting caught up on some much needed rest after being rudely rocked awake at 4am the morning before by the Hudson River current and a strong west wind during our last night at the 79th Street Boat Basin. We then had a leisurely breakfast while I double-checked the weather report. In general, the forecast looked about the same as it had before, though it seemed like we had more of a chance of seeing 10-15 knots from the north rather than just 0-10 as previously predicted. This increased the possibility that we would be able to sail down the coast, but it also made it more likely that we could see some even stronger winds. There was still a bit of uncertainty about the exact direction of the winds, but it did seem that the forecasts were coalescing around a definite northerly direction by the evening. After a little discussion, we decided – or I should probably admit that I made the call after telling Margaret about the forecast – to go as planned.
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Just in time for the 4th…our sail past Lady Liberty.

Bear with Lady Liberty

S/V Bear sailing past Liberty Island on the way to Sandy Hook
(click to enlarge)

Check out our video blog here.



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Hurricane Arthur and Us

Some of you have voiced some anxiety about our well being in the face of Hurricane Arthur. We really appreciate your concern, but there is nothing to get too worried about.

We have been monitoring the reports and forecasts from the National Hurricane Center and, despite what the Weather Channel might be saying, the northern Chesapeake should not see too many effects from Arthur. The latest models have the hurricane picking up speed and beginning to move in a more northeasterly direction, which will have it further away from the coast by the time it gets into our area sometime tomorrow.
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Two Days in NYC

What would you do if you had 2 days in NYC? That was the question at hand as we grabbed a mooring at the 79th Street Boat Basin in the Hudson. While we had hoped to spend a week in NYC, weather and boat repairs held us up in the Long Island Sound, and we were now faced with having to cram our sightseeing into a mere 48 hours. With our outboard engine out of commission and the strong currents in the river, we were also facing some challenges getting to shore. We had to time our trips to and from the boat based on the tides. Despite these issues, there aren’t many better places than Manhattan to spend an entire day milling about, people watching, and taking in the sights.
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The 79th Street Boat Basin – A Review

When we started to plan our summer travels, the 79th Street Boat Basin was one of the places that we quickly decided to stop at. In the heart of Manhattan, it would provide us with a temporary home while we enjoyed New York City. We had seen comments that the wake and current were strong and that the facilities were not that great, but we also knew of a few folks who had really enjoyed their time at the boat basin. Besides, with moorings at thirty dollars a night, it did seem hard to beat.

79th st boat basin 02 79th st boat basin 01

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New York City from the Water…Our East River Transit!


East River Transit_23

Watch the video of our transit from City Island, through Hell Gate, past Rikers Island and the United Nations, under the Brooklyn Bridge, and finally, up the Hudson River to the 79th Street Boat Basin.

Click here to watch!

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East River Transit Planning Video

Want to know how we planned for our East River transit? What route we will take? What bridges and islands we will see? What tides and currents we need to consider? Then check out our newest video blog post here.

East River Transit_05

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Detoured! Pesky Fog and other Shenanigans!

We veered off-course, on route to Port Washington, due to some pretty nasty fog, and ended up ducking into a little anchorage called Mosquito Bay off Glen Cove.

Hempstead to Port Washington_04

Ducking into Glen Cove to escape the fog

Hempstead to Port Washington_05

Fog selfie!

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Our Plans…Sitting Off Sandy Hook

Margaret and I plan to blog about the last few days. We spent a day at City Island, transited the East River and Hudson, stayed at the 79th Street Boat Basin, and hung out all over NYC. But I just wanted to post a quick note now about our plans.
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Horseshoe Crabs, Sagamore Hill, and Speedos!

June 8_04

On the second day of our stay in Oyster Bay we beached the dingy amongst a field of dead horseshoe crabs.

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