Our Plans…Sitting Off Sandy Hook

Margaret and I plan to blog about the last few days. We spent a day at City Island, transited the East River and Hudson, stayed at the 79th Street Boat Basin, and hung out all over NYC. But I just wanted to post a quick note now about our plans.

We are currently anchored off the western tip of Sandy Hook. If the weather forecast continues to hold, we will be departing tomorrow around noon for Cape May, 110 ocean miles to the south. Our plan is to stay about 3-10 miles offshore depending on the conditions, traffic, and portion of the coast we are passing through. We will take watches through the night and should arrive about twenty-four hours later. It promises to be an exciting trip.

The forecast – from passageweather.com and NOAA – has some light winds mainly from the north with a small chance of showers and thunderstorms. We also will have a bit of a residual swell of maybe 2-3 feet. This is a nearly perfect weather window, but may mean that we are motoring for a good portion of the trip because of the light breeze.

We will be sure to post on Facebook when we get in or if our plans change. Until then, keep your fingers crossed and, if you are along the Jersey Coast, keep an eye out for a beautiful Tayana 37 and her crew.

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2 Responses to Our Plans…Sitting Off Sandy Hook

  1. Gary Berg says:

    You looked at a Bayfield 36 at Brunt Store Marina. Would you have the contact information?
    I just sold my Bayfield 29 (in the Bahamas) and am looking for a 36.

    • Jeffrey says:

      A month or so after we looked at the Bayfield 36 in Burnt Store, I noticed it was off Yachtworld. I cannot imagine it sold, but it might have. The boat was listed through Pier One Yachts out of Punta Gorda. I would suggest calling them. There was a Bayfield 36 that we looked at in the Stuart/Fort Pierce area that was roughly the same price and in much better condition than the one in Burnt Store. Here is the link: http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1987/BAYFIELD-36'-Cutter-2589307/Fort-Pierce/FL/United-States#.U7MoWY1dU84 She had some serious corrosion at the mast step and needed new rigging, but otherwise seemed fairly good. Good luck with your search!

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