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2 Responses to Return to Seasons Links and Crew Websites

  1. Douglas Tate says:

    I have been following your videos for a while, and finally had the time to reach out. My wife, Beth, and I have sailed out of Marion, MA, since 1991 on several boats. The first, a 20 foot sloop named Windsong, that we built from plans, but realized that she was way too small for Buzzards Bay! We moved up to a Pearson Vanguard, Poetry, which we completely restored inside and out. We sailed Poetry until 2011, at which time we sold her to a friend in Maine and moved up to a Westsail 42 named Harmony. Harmony was a wreck when we welcomed her into our world, and in the last 3 or so years we have gutted her and rebuilt her to her former glory, if you will. We launched her last September for some testing, but still have a lengthy project list before we can go cruising: maybe Maine in August 2015.

    We keep her in Marion, which is our favorite harbor. I watched your vids as you worked on several projects. Oh, the shared emotions I felt as you found new ways to achieve boat project nirvana! I have now taken up sewing with the Sailrite Ultrafeed, and have found it to be quite a bit of fun.

    Anyway, I offer a sounding board to you if you ever need another perspective on things sailboat like. As I said, I have gutted Harmony including plumbing, electrical, power, cabinetry, rigging, and the like. Thankfully, the hull and deck were dry as a bone!!

    Hopefully, we’ll either connect on the water sometime or via email should I be able to help. Fair Winds and Following Seas!


    • Jeffrey says:

      Thanks so much, Doug. I just might be taking you up on it as I head down to Florida to work on our mast and replace some rigging. It sounds like you have done quite a lot of work on these different boats. I would love to see some before, after, and during photos of the current refit. Maybe we will get to see her in person this summer. Thanks for reading and, especially, commenting and offering a hand. We really appreciate it.

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