Horseshoe Crabs, Sagamore Hill, and Speedos!

June 8_04

On the second day of our stay in Oyster Bay we beached the dingy amongst a field of dead horseshoe crabs.

June 8_02

We are not sure what caused their demise but their prehistoric-looking remains dotted the beach, creating a pseudo-mine field.

June 8_05

Our goal for the day was to visit Sagamore Hill, Theodore Roosevelt’s summer home.

June 8_07

Tourists being chased by turkey’s

June 8_08

Bird watching at Sagamore Hill

June 8_09

Unfortunately, the house was closed for renovation, but we were able to walk around the grounds, and see his son’s house/museum.

June 8_10

Windmill at Sagamore Hill

June 8_11

Sagamore Hill was Roosevelt’s home from 1885 until his death in 1919. He used it as his Summer White House from 1902-08. Roosevelt died in the house when he was 60 and Edith, his second wife, who he raised six kids with, also died in the house when she was 87.

June 8_12

One of the many trophies collected by the Roosevelt family. I think he is giving me the stink eye!

June 8_14

Jeff and I had not had a proper shower in a few days. This shadow represents the awesomeness that was happening with his hair.

June 8_15

Back on the boat, we noticed that our French neighbors were outside showering on their swim platform. This is Jeff’s first attempt to photograph them through the port.

June 8_16

This is his second attempt with the 70-200 mm lens. Notice the shower attire. (You may want to click on this image to get the full effect)

June 8_03

Bear, on the edge of the anchorage. Oyster Bay is home to Oakcliff Sailing Center, a training facility for US competitive sailors. You will probably run into a few of these salty fellows if you visit Jack Halyard’s where the walls of the bar are adorned with their medals and burgees.

June 8_01

Bear, at anchor, in Oyster Bay.

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