Cruising Rhode Island

In our latest video, we check out several cool anchorages in Rhode Island, including the Kickamuit River and Fogland Point. Follow the link below to check it out! And as always, if you enjoy our videos, give us a thumbs up and hit subscribe to be alerted of new vids! Thanks~ M and J

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MarkJ from Cruisers Forum

Back when I used to go to Cruisers Forum regularly, there was a guy on there with the handle of MarkJ. From what I gathered, MarkJ was Australian, spent his winters in St. Martin, and headed north every hurricane season. He seemed like a character of the first order and was a bit of a legend on the site. In fact, others probably talked more about MarkJ on Cruisers Forum than MarkJ actually posted, even though he was a frequent contributor. Amongst these posters, MarkJ had a reputation for being a ladies’ man with a girlfriend or three in every port, coming and going from his Beneteau 393, Sea Life, at all hours of the day and night. Of course, MarkJ did nothing to disabuse anyone of this image.

79th street boat basin, NYC, sailboats on moorings

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Yacht Rock: A Sailor’s Playlist

  1. Margaret was a long-time goth, and Jeff runs a website called Grateful Dead of the Day. But sometimes on the boat, we just need some smooth music. And that is when we turn to yacht rock. As we headed down the Delaware, we put together a little sailing yacht rock playlist – a sort of highlight reel – so you could all jam at home. Enjoy, and let us know what favorites of yours we are missing.
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Tayana 37 Questions and Answers

Jeff on the starboard settee

A woman who has been cruising Europe on a small sailboat with her partner contacted Margaret on Women Who Sail. The cruiser had some questions about Bear, because they are contemplating purchasing a Tayana 37 and there are few Tayanas in Europe for them to get aboard. We thought we would share my answers below. Her partner is 6’2”, which explains the questions about my height.
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Two new RTS videos this week on YouTube!

We are happy to share Episode 1 of Season 4 with you today! Check out our departure from Rock Hall – with our crew Kerry – as we make our way north to Newport, RI. We find that in early May, the popular cruising spots in the NE are still very quite. Follow along as we journey north to Maine.

We are also planning to roll out a series of Boat Work and Systems videos throughout the next few months. With these videos we will share details of many of our refit projects. We hope that this information can be helpful to other boaters who are working through similar issues.

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Trailer for our new season now on YouTube!

This morning we released the trailer for our new season which documents our travels from the Chesapeake Bay to Maine. Follow along as we encounter seals and porpoises galore, epic sunsets, and tons of amazing hikes. Maine is a cruiser’s wonderland – we can’t wait to share it with you!

This year while we are on sabbatical we will be releasing videos from 2017 and, hopefully, will catch up to our current cruising adventures. If you follow other YouTube sailors, like SV Delos, you know that this model works well, as it allows us to live in the present and enjoy our experiences, rather than feeling like we are working to keep up with the video production as a job each week. In addition to our YouTube videos, we will also post up-to-date details about our current location here on our blog and on our FB page.

We hope you enjoy this teaser of the season to come!

Return to Seasons 2017 Season Trailer

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New Return to Seasons Episode on YouTube!

After a long hiatus, we have returned to YouTube with the season finale of our 2016 sailing season. In this video, we sail to Hadley Harbor, Cuttyhunk, Newport, through the East River and off the New Jersey coast (with whales!). With Margaret on sabbatical for the next 13 months, we hope to be able to get back to posting regular episodes. We have tons of great footage from our last season in Maine that we cannot wait to edit and share! Click the link below to check out the newest video.

Hadley Harbor to Newport – Season Finale

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A Boatyard Cat, Port Townsend Fittings, and a Much Anticipated Launch

Another week – the fourth – of boat work has passed. Everything is still taking longer than I imagined, but progress is still being made. The week was filled with a lot of work on the bobstay and whisker stay fittings and a pesky stuffing box, but I still found time for a few other projects. It looks like we will launch sometime next week with not much more than the installation of the Hydrovane, which I have hardly even read the installation instructions for, and the timely arrival of the rigging wire standing in our way.

New Bimini from Ship's Tailor

Our new bimini.

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The Third Week in the Yard Prepping for Sabbatical

Over the past week, I have not checked too many things off the list, unlike last week. But there has been continual forward progress. And the end is getting closer with, perhaps, a launch next week.
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Week Two of Boat Work

What a difference a week makes. Last monday, I felt like I had barely scratched the surface of the boat work we had planned for the spring. And with so many major projects – literally all of them – still remaining, I could not see the path forward. Seven days on and I can report a distant, but distinct light at the end of the tunnel.

Epoxied wood blocks in the lazarette to secure the anchors.

The larger two of the four fiberglassed wood blocks that will serve as attachment points to secure the anchors.

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