Trellis Bay post-Hurricane Irma Update

We are going to start highlighting the major anchorages of the BVI, describing some of the damage from Hurricane Irma and giving a rundown of the current state of the bars, restaurants, and other businesses. We start this little series with Trellis Bay.

Before Hurricane Irma, Trellis Bay was well known to cruisers with its easy access to the Beef Island airport, family-friendly full moon party, community of artists centered on Aragorn’s Studio, and well-loved bars, including De Loose Mongoose and The Last Resort. Like a lot of the BVI, Irma pummeled Trellis, destroying a good deal of the infrastructure of the community. The damage is extensive, but a few stalwarts have reopened and the full moon parties are still going strong.

chart of Trellis Bay

Chart of Trellis Bay from NV Charts chartkit 12.1.

In Trellis Bay, the wind and surge from Hurricane Irma, which was damaging enough, was exacerbated by the few dozen boats that went ashore in this supposed hurricane hole. About thirty-five yachts line the beach, mainly – though far from only – in the area of the De Loose Mongoose. These are obviously an impediment to rebuilding some properties, and the boats surely acted as additional wrecking balls in a storm full of them, wreaking havoc on the docks and buildings along Trellis.

boats up on a sand beach with trees in the background

A few of the many boats that were driven ashore at Trellis Bay by Hurricane Irma and are still there in December 2018.

Bellamy Cay, where The Last Resort was located, only has one boat ashore on it, but it still looks like a bomb went off near the brick structures. More than a year on, the island seems to be reclaiming the buildings, the dock is still horribly damaged, and it looks like no plans for rebuilding are in the works. If anyone has heard from Shakti and Brian, the most recent owners, about what is going on there, if anything, we would love to hear in the comments.

Brick buildings of the Last Resort on an island

The Last Resort on Bellamy Cay showing damage from Hurricane Irma and no signs of rebuilding.

Along the Beef Island shore, the Trellis Bay Market is going strong with their grocery selection, bbq food, bar, and dinghy dock. They even have poured some new concrete out front since Hurricane Irma. Ice, beer and liquor, and a smattering of provisions are available.

Next door, Marché Bar and Grill is also bustling, doing a brisk business catering to tourists and all the workers who are coming and going from Trellis to Virgin Gorda every day. The sand fleas are also back there and stronger than ever. Enjoy the food, but remember to bring some bug spray.

A little bit further down the beach, Jeremy’s Kitchen was not yet open, but looks like it will be soon. Folks were doing some work, and the place seemed ready to open. We are not sure if this is still Jeremy’s or under a new name and/or ownership. Any information would be welcome

A fireball sculpture on sand surrounded by palm trees

Fire ball sculpture outside Aragorn’s Studio, just waiting to be lit for the full moon party.

Just beyond Jeremy’s, Aragorn’s Studio is still intact, though certainly a little worse for wear. The community of artists also seems to be less vibrant, though there did appear to be some folks in residence. Hopefully Hurricane Irma will just be a temporary setback for what was a thriving community center. What is clear is that Aragorn’s fireballs are back lining the beach just waiting to be lit at the next full moon party.

A framed poster advertising Aragorn's Studio

Aragorn’s Studio in Trellis Bay still seems to be going strong in December 2018.

Sadly, De Loose Mongoose does not sound like it will be back after Hurricane Irma. The place was devastated by the storm and ended up with a boat atop one of its buildings. Other vessels still line the shorefront in front of the Goose. We heard that the owners had started rebuilding, but were shut down by the government for not having permits or some such thing. With that, they gave up – or at least put aside for a while – thoughts of a post-Irma reincarnation of the famous Goose.

a broken dock and damaged building with new cinder block walls going up and a palm tree

De remains of the De Loose Mongoose and their early rebuilding effort after Hurricane Irma.

The moorings in Trellis Bay are still there, but the white ones from The Last Resort have not been serviced since the storm. It also does not appear that anyone is picking up the fee for these balls. Use these at your own risk. The orange Moor Seacure moorings are, however, still being serviced and the fees are being collected by a couple who will come through the anchorage once or twice a day. Thirty dollars is the going rate, as it was before Hurricane Irma.

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2 Responses to Trellis Bay post-Hurricane Irma Update

  1. Jack says:

    Sad to read about the Loose Mongoose. My wife and I stayed there in early 2000s for one night as we were flying out the next day, back to the States. I remember it as a friendly, comfortable, and enjoyable location. Our best to the owners.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Was it at the Trellis Bay Market that you found the Sebastian’s rum? As I think I mentioned, we stopped by Sebastian’s the other week. After braving the shorebreak in the dinghy, they did not have any of their rum. Told us to check back in a week or two.

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