Thoughts at the Beginning of the Semester

It is the beginning of another school year. While we endure the regular routine of constructing syllabi, crafting new assignments, and getting into the rhythm of the semester, we are also thinking about three Septembers from now when we will be outfitting our boat, or maybe even already sailing. To say I (and to a slightly lesser extent, Margaret) cannot wait would be an understatement.

We watch YouTube videos of sailing nearly every evening. Often, during the day, we will email each other new boats or cruising ideas. Each night before bed, and usually a couple other times during the day, we read books, magazines, blogs, forums, or even the West Marine catalog, slowly learning, continuing to dream, and always feeding the stoke.

Just last night, I asked Margaret if she thought other people who were planning to cruise were similarly excited and focused on the eventual departure a full three years before it happened. Reassuringly, she told me that since cruising represents such a radical transformation, most people would have to be as geeked about it as we are in order to actually be going through with it. That made me feel a little better. But then again, what was she going to say.

If anyone has a 100 grand, please send it along so we can get going sooner. Otherwise, we will be here in Peoria, thinking about cruising and waiting for the end of the spring semester in 2016.

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  1. donna nederlk says:

    perhaps it wasnt a cruise at the end of the tunnel for me, but it was retirement from nursing x 45 years………… for which i plotted and planned and researched for a new life and a new home………. it kept me going . your plotting/planning/learning will do the same !!

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