The Preparations Begin!

Today was my last day of official teaching, only a few more meetings, a bit of grading, and the always-too-long graduation ceremony to attend before I am officially free. I have begun to gather our gear for our first summer aboard Bear, our new-to-us Tayana 37. About a week ago, I prepared nine bags of gluten-free pizza crust mix. I don’t think we will have storage room in the galley for 12 types of GF flour, so I am planning to mix up few of my favorite recipes, sans wet ingredients, and label them with cooking instructions. These baggies can be shoved into small nooks and crannies amongst our other provisions, which will take up much less space than the air tight containers do on my kitchen counter!


I have also turned our guest room in to a catch all for our boat gear. Aside from the rum, any suggestions for items that I absolutely should not forget to bring?


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