Still No Beer, But More Progress

Today, I had another good day of work. Though I still did not get a full day in, I am definitely getting closer. I feel like I am beginning to pick up some momentum, diving right into work when I get there, not letting obstacles stall me for too long, and starting to really understand all aspects of the projects I am undertaking. Tomorrow, I plan to get up and head straight over to the boat to take advantage of as much daylight as possible and really get rolling.

Dusk over the low tide marsh as I was heading home.

Dusk over the low tide marsh as I was heading home.

Unfortunately, Margaret was still feeling sick this morning, so I spent most of the day at the boat by myself. She did, however, switch our rooms, thinking that her illness might be more related to allergies – our previous room had a real musty smell – than the cold/flu that I had. So far, the move seems to have worked for her; hopefully she will continue to improve.

I will leave you all with today’s video, which goes into detail about what I was up to all day. As you will see, we are ready for a big day tomorrow now that I overcame some unforeseen problems and we made yet another trip to Lowe’s for tools and supplies. As for right now, though, it is bedtime.

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