Rain in the morning, cheese at night!

Thursday was our last day in Port Jefferson Harbor, as we anchorage hop our way West toward NYC. We woke to a drenching rain that lasted until the afternoon and used this time to make a good breakfast, grade papers, and edit photographs.

Wed Morning Fog 100_2674


We headed to shore in the afternoon to do a few hours of work at the library, provision, do laundry and shower at the Harbormaster’s Annex, and visit C’est Cheese one more time!

100_2685 100_2686 100_2687 100_2688

On our way back to the dingy we encountered a gaggle of dogs at the beach, sniffing each other’s butts, and frolicking in the water.

100_2689 100_2690

When we got back to Bear, I decided to take the dingy for a spin without Jeff aboard, to see how easy it would be to row solo. Turns out it was a cinch!


When I got back to the boat we had a sundowner in the cockpit, with our cheese selections from C’est Cheese. It was a lovely way to end our stay in Port Jeff.

100_2696 100_2697



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