Engine Updates and Return to Seasons Print Sale


This is the only word to describe the loss of our engine and, perhaps, the loss of our sabbatical cruising dream.

Bear’s Broken Engine

For the last 6 years, we been working toward spending Margaret’s 15-month sabbatical living aboard and cruising our sailboat. We have put countless hours into rebuilding all major systems on the boat ourselves – everything from the raw water system to the standing rigging. Since we bought the boat we have taken immaculate care of the engine – with regular oil and filter changes and other maintenance. At our recent 1000-mile service, the mechanic told us that our engine would last forever – that it was in excellent condition – and would continue to provide us the power and safety that we would need as long as we continued to do what we were doing.

Well, “forever” came four weeks ago when our engine blew a rod and cracked the cylinder block. Repair estimates came in between $20,000 and $30,000.

Though times are tough, we will get through this. We are very fortunate to have the support of many family, friends, and followers on our blog and YouTube channel. We deeply appreciate all of the phone calls, text messages, FB posts, and emails that you have sent to check on us and send well wishes. Many of you have also reached out and asked what you can do to help. Instead of starting a GoFundMe fundraiser, we have decided to create a print sale.

As you may know, Margaret is a fine art photographer, who has been making work about water for the past 5 years – inspired by her time living aboard Bear. Her work has been exhibited in museums and galleries around the world and is in many private and public collections. If you have always wanted to own a work by Margaret, and would like to help us continue our dream and rebuild our cruising kitty, we invite you to purchase one or more of three limited-edition photographs. This special collection of photographs, shot while cruising in Penobscot Bay, ME, Port Jefferson, NY, and Pine Island Sound, FL, capture some of the amazing sights we have enjoyed while sailing and that we try to share with you.

For more information on the print sale, check out the link below

Return to Seasons Print Sale

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