Photographing Women Who Sail

Last week, I began photographing women who live and work on the water for a new photographic series funded, in part, by the Puffin Foundation. I was welcomed aboard by three lovely women who I met via Women Who Sail, a Facebook group of knowledgable, helpful, and supportive women sailors. I have sent off the film for processing but wanted to share a few test shots I took digitally. I am currently looking for women who live or work aboard boats that will be in the Long Island Sound or Chesapeake this summer. Please pass along the information in the link below to ladies who you think would be interested. Thank you for your assistance!

Megan Nix 2

Megan inspecting the mast

Megan Nix 1

Megan reading to her daughters in the salon

Kim Morse 1

Kim, and her husband, working in the salon

Cyndy 1

Cyndy on deck



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  1. donna nederlk says:

    good luck with the whole project………… sounds like such fun !

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