Exploring Man-o-War Cay – Bahamas Charter Day 3

I woke up this morning at 7 a.m. (many of my friends are in shock and disbelief right now), and grabbed some juice and headed on deck to check out the anchorage. The rest of the crew was discussing an issue they were having with the outlets onboard and their inability to charge their phones, cameras, etc.. I wasn’t too concerned about most of our toys but did want to be able to charge our handheld VHF, which was our way to call each other when on shore and reach out to other boaters, the charter company, and area businesses when we were away from the boat. We hailed Mark who talked us through a few possible issues with the inverter and batteries, but when we couldn’t determine the problem we decided we would deal with it later. While Jeff pumped up the dingy, Sasha and I whipped up a yummy breakfast hash.


Jeff pumping up the dingy


Sasha- the queen of breakfast!


Jeff recorded the weather from Cruiser’s Net

With full bellies we hopped in the dingy and took off for Man-o-war Cay. It was a bit of a wet dingy ride as we tried to zip around the NW point of the western island only to find that low tide made the route impassable. After watching one of the dive boats make their way through an unmarked channel, we looped back around to follow their wake. Along the way we spotted beautiful sea life, including giant starfish, just inches away from us in the crystal clear water.

We tied up at Albury’s Sail Shop where we perused the aisles in search of holiday gifts. Four crafty sewers worked in the shop, producing a myriad of products, from bags to placemats, in bright colors and marine-inspired patterns. The shop had a little something for everyone and we vowed to return after exploring the island to make a purchase for one of our lucky relatives!


Our dingy at Albury’s dock


Albury’s Sail Shop


Albury’s Sail Shop Master Sewers!


Upstairs at Albury’s

Along Sea Road we found a few gift and souvenir shops, a grocer, a boat yard, and a hardware store. As we ventured off of the beaten path we found a quaint island community with well-maintained homes painted in a plethora of pastel colors. Garish Christmas décor embellished many homes and churches. The island is home to a very strong religious community, which we noted, has strict laws against alcohol sales.


Joe’s Studio and Gift Emporium


Inside Joe’s Studio and Gift Emporium


I really should have bought this hat. I need more bedazzled accessories!


Ocean view from a high point on Man-o-War Cay


Best baseball field ever!


Street view on Man-o-War


Directions to nearby harbors and kays


We walked across the island to view the ocean, along the way finding a great baseball park – what a view! – and the local cemetery. Many friendly people waved as they passed by in the islands standard vehicle – the golf cart. At the north most end of Queen’s Highway we found the local dive shop. Here Sasha and David talked with the owner about the weather and the potential for a diving trip in the next couple days.


Man-o-War new cemetery


Man-o-War new cemetery


Monument to Man-o-War old cemetery


Ocean view from cemetery


Ocean view from cemetery


One of many churches on Man-o-War


One of many churches on Man-o-War


One of many churches on Man-o-War


Mary Albury High School


Lignum Vitae – The National Tree


Joe’s Studio – a well-known woodworker


Check out the open hours for the island bank!

100_1025 100_1040

After a quick stop at the local grocery store for some snacks we stopped at the Sail Shop to grab a few gifts before jumping in the dingy and heading back to Spontaneity. All that walking had helped us work up a healthy appetite and we had the prefect fix – Avocados!!!!


Albury’s Harbor Store – the local small grocer


Sasha and David on the dingy ride back to Spontaneity





Over a quick lunch of tacos we had a chart meeting to discuss our sailing plans. Because the winds were clocking around to the S-SE and picking up force, we needed to choose a protected anchorage. We had previously planned to go to Great Guana Cay after Man-o-War, but decided instead to head to Marsh Harbour, which when we arrived, slowly filled with other boats seeking refuge from the winds. We took the dingy over to Mangoes for another great meal and some really good Painkillers!


Sasha and David checking out the guide book


Checking the instruments while underway


Beautiful blue water in our wake


Marsh Harbour filling up with boats seeking protection


Smooches at Mangoes


Margaret and Jeff at Mangoes


Painkillers….they really work 🙂


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