Dad’s Fascination with Shrimp Boats

My Dad just uploaded a bunch of photos to Google+ from his time aboard. During the trip, he was pretty obsessed with taking pictures of shrimp boats, bridges, and his plates of oysters before he ate them, and that came through in the gallery that he posted. He got some good shots of other things too, which I am sure I will use to illustrate some posts in the future. In the meantime, here is a selection from his already whittled down photos of shrimp boats.

Delta01 Delta02 Delta03 Delta04 Delta05 Delta06 Delta07 Delta08 Delta09

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2 Responses to Dad’s Fascination with Shrimp Boats

  1. Taylor says:

    Great post. I laughed…a lot. Who doesn’t love a good shrimp boat?

  2. Jack Kosiorek "Dad" says:

    Two things about my fascination with shrimp boats:
    1) the shrimp that I ate in South Carolina and Georgia was delicious and I pictured the shrimp that I ate coming from one of these boats.
    2) I was thoroughly taken by the bird activity around these boats. There were times that the water looked black with the number of birds flying out to these boats to participate in the shrimping.

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