August Plans from Cambridge, Maryland

We are currently tied up to a free dock in Cambridge, Maryland after coming over from Oxford yesterday afternoon. There is a bar and restaurant steps away called Snapper’s that we had a drink at as soon as we got settled. It made us think fondly of Marsh Harbour and Snappa’s restaurant there, but did not quite have the Bahamian atmosphere.


Snapper’s in Cambridge, from our cockpit

Today we need to take care of a few errands – hit the bank and do laundry – and complete some boat chores – wash the topsides, re-mark the anchor chain, do a little work on the dinghy. But we also intend to explore the town. Although the couple on the Cabo Rico who are tied up next door told us that “this would be the last time we come to Cambridge,” because it is so disappointing, there looks like there are some cool things here, including a brew pub, gastropub, and cheese shop. We will see.

We have decided to haul the boat around the 15th of August in Rock Hall at Sailing Emporium. That gives us two weeks left aboard for the summer. Tomorrow, we plan to sail out the Choptank and down the bay to the Patuxent. There, we will return to Solomons for a few days and rent a car so that we can go into DC. We could have sailed up the Potomac to the District, but that would have taken all the time we have left, so a car it is. After Solomons, we are going to head further up the Patuxent to visit a plantation, stop at the original Stoney’s Crab House on Broomes Island, and go to Vera’s White Sands Restaurant, which promises to be a trip. As Shellenberger’s Cruising the Chesapeake notes about Vera’s, “It is Vera who makes this facility unique. Once a Hollywood starlet, Vera is a gracious lady with a taste for the exotic who still makes a commanding appearance. There is never any question who she is. Once having met her, you’ll never forget her.” Sadly, we think Vera has passed on, but we are hoping that her spirit still lives. After our time on the Patuxent, we will head north with thoughts of stopping in Baltimore and Havre de Grace, but we are not committed to anything.

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 6.18.12 AM

The lower Patuxent River

We will try to post some more videos and posts in the coming days and weeks, as time and bandwidth allows.

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