Extreme Shoaling in the Entrance to the Chesapeake City Basin

We had heard from a couple different folks that the entrance to Chesapeake City on the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal had shoaled up a bit over the past two years since we were last in there. Thus, we were a little anxious about getting through the entrance, especially because our depth alarm had been screaming on our way in that last time.
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Hit by a storm on Chesapeake Bay

Yesterday we took our first sail of the season, leaving at 5:30AM from The Sailing Emporium in Rock Hall, MD heading to Chesapeake City, MD on the C&D canal. Around 11:15AM we heard a Coast Guard warning on the VHF regarding a dangerous line of storms tracking our way. After a quick check of the radar, we decided to head for shallow water, and the lee of the land, so that we could drop the anchor to ride out the storm. Just as Jeff returned to the cockpit from dropping the sail and anchor we got pummeled. High winds, pelting rain, and a swift current whipped up the seas into a very confused state. The strong gusts blew us all around and heeled us over. Below is a video of our day. We hope you enjoy the show!

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Hauling and Winterizing in Rock Hall, MD

Haul Out in Rock Hall, MD

Want to know how we winterize our sailboat for a long winter hibernation? Check out our latest episode in which we sail from Baltimore to Rock Hall, where we get hauled out at Sailing Emporium for winter storage.

Hauling and Winterizing SV Bear in Rock Hall, MD

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Baltimore Cruising Videos

Bear at the Francis Scott Key Bridge on the Patapsco

We recently put up two new videos about cruising in Baltimore, MD. In Part 1, we tour the Patapsco River and Inner Harbor in our dingy. In Part 2, we spend sometime ashore, walking around Fells Point and Patterson Park.

If you are planning to visit Baltimore by boat or land, you might also be interested in this video ;Visiting The National Aquarium.


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Getting to Work on Bear

I cannot believe I have been at the boat for a week now. The time is already flying by, and I know the time before Margaret arrives in early May will slip away just as fast. So, I have put together a detailed spreadsheet of work that needs to be done before we start our regular pre-splash chores. While much of the list is fairly easy, there are a few significant jobs, like completing the refinishing of the teak in the cockpit and tracking down a troubling battery problem we are having. We should be knocking out the biggest job of them all – replacing the chainplates – in two weeks time when a friend of ours, Brian, has generously agreed to give me a hand for a long weekend. As luck would have it – and I am not really complaining, because the boat fund can use the infusion of cash – I am also in the midst of teaching two online courses and doing some other contract work, so I am spending nearly as much time on the computer in the boat as I am on boat work.
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Pre-Season Prep Work – Boat Chores at Home

If you watched our recent YouTube video, you know that we are in full swing with pre-season boat work. Jeff took a one-way rental to Annapolis over the weekend and is now adjusting to life back on the hard. Despite being aboard for a few days already, he has refused to remove the winter shrink wrap, as he feels that it helps provide a bit of insulation from the still nippy April air.

Packing the essentials

Packing the essentials

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Shaw Bay to St. Michaels, MD

Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 9.55.56 AM

Check out our new video about cruising to one of our favorite anchorages in the Chesapeake; Fogg Cove in St. Michaels, MD.

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Artist Residency at Sea!

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 11.29.59 AM

Check out this amazing opportunity to travel aboard a freighter ship from Vancouver, Canada to Shanghai as an artist-in-residence. Your cabin, food, and return flight to Vancouver are covered! Please pass along this opportunity to any artists you know!

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Dobbins Island, Pirates, and The US Naval Academy

After a long holiday hiatus, we finally have a new video up on YouTube. In this episode we document the last few days with our nephew and his mom on board during which time we let an 8-year old steer the ship, visit with pirates, and view the crypt of John Paul Jones.

Stay tuned! More videos of cruising in the Chesapeake coming soon!


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The Outlaw Ocean

The New York Times has had an excellent series over the past several months entitled “The Outlaw Ocean”. The in-depth investigative pieces have examined everything from slavery in foreign fishing fleets to a 10,000-mile chase involving Sea Shepherd and a pariah fishing vessel.
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